~Living an {im}perfect life with purpose~

~A Life of Loving Others, Not Judging Them~

~A Life of Kindness. You Never Know Who might be the "Least of These"~

~A Life Where Family is Unconditionally Loved~

~A Life of Doing What you Love and Loving What You do~

~A Life Embracing Struggle, so the Strength of God Shines through.~

~Understanding What it Means to be Whole by First Learning What it's Means to be Broken~

~A Life Trying to Remember There's a Difference Between What's Urgent and What's Important~

~A Life of Forgiveness Because it's Just too Hard to Hold a Grudge~

~Finding Joy in the Present. Leave the past behind, and Don't Wish the Future Away.~

~A Life knowing you’re never too old to change your mind about what you want to be when you grow up~

~Living Gratefully in Wisdom Learned from Past Mistakes~

~A Life lived in Hope...Because Life is Good, but Eternity is So Much Better~

~Always Believe in Miracles...Always.~

~Above All, a Life Pleasing to God, so at it's Completion to Hear, "Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant."~