~Living an{im}perfect

life with purpose 

~A life of loving others, not judging them

~A life of kindness…

you never know who might be the “least of these”

~A life of doing what you love 

and loving what you do

~A life embracing struggle

so the strength of God shines through

~Understanding what it means to be whole by first learning what it means to be broken

~A life trying to remember there’s a difference between what’s urgent and what’s important

~Finding joy in the present.

Leave the past behind and don’t wish away the future



Hey! I’m Celeste (here with my awesome hubby and my goofy, weird, sassy, loving,  awesome family) and I’d like to share some of my crazy celestial life with you, straight from my heart to yours.

From my perspective as a wife, mother, Jesus lover, pharmacist, patient, addict, survivor, miracle receiver, writer, photographer, crafty DIY’r, decorater, cozy-maker, and night owl, you might find just what you need on these pages in all of my God-given life lessons.

Oh, and on August 7th I celebrated the 21st anniversary of my 29th birthday, so yeah…there’s that.

The main thing? You are not alone!  So hang out with me a little, and hopefully some of my God-given (not always welcome) wisdom can help you in any way!

Stay cozy!

Celestial Prescriptions is my blog which I started in 2012 after a major, huge, and just flat out AMAZING life change. I went through some “stuff” for seven years that taught me so much that I wanted to use my knowledge as a pharmacist and a patient to hopefully help others get through some super tough “stuff” a little easier than I did.


You’ll feel right at home here if :You’re living your American Dream and BAM!…life takes you for a tornado-sized spin

  • You’ve felt alone even when surrounded by people who love you
  • You feel the judging eyes seemingly always on you
  • You’ve been diagnosed with a debilitating disease you can’t control
  • You’ve ever been addicted to a prescription (or non-prescription) drug…especially opiates
  • You’ve experienced the shame that goes with addiction (especially as a pharmacist and a Christian!)
  • You’ve felt like a failure as a wife and mom…and as a person in general
  • You watch television 24/7 to escape from your life into theirs
  • You’ve been so depressed you were ready for the rapture so you can get the heck out of here
  • You’ve been plagued with guilt because you can’t be the person you want to be…you used to be…and can’t find a solution
  • You long for the all-too-forgotten feelings of happiness and joy


Like I said…there’s some great content  here. I’ve done my research and I’ve lived every bit of it. Wisdom  often comes with great suffering, but it’s totally worth it!


If you’d like to read this part of my story you can read it here or watch me tell it here. (Not the best video, but then again I’m not the best speaker!)


Celestial Cozies is my knitting shop. I began knitting with this awesome yarn as I waited impatiently to become a “La~la” (code for Grandma when you’re obviously too young to actually be one : ) and I was hooked!

The blankets are so soft and cozy and give me an outlet for my creative side. Most of the blankets here in the gallery (see the menu at the top of the page) are already sold , as many of them were customized for a specific person or given as a gift.  I leave them all in the gallery so you can see all that I’ve made, and get some ideas of one of your own! 

  I recently made the blankets available on Amazon Handmade.  In the gallery, if it’s not sold you can click on the image and be taken to that blankets amazon page on Amazon. To see all of them at the same time just click HERE.

If you’re looking for something specific (size, color, etc…), use the “contact me” tab in the menu above and we’ll design something especially for you!

Stay cozy!