Welcome to my little shop on the web! I began knitting with this awesome yarn as I waited impatiently to become a “La~la” (code for Grandma when you’re obviously too young to actually be one : ) and I was hooked! The blankets are so soft and cozy and give me an outlet for my creative side. 

Check out the blankets below that I’ve made. There are a few for sale, but most are sold as they were made to order. Let me know if you want one below that hasn’t sold. The others will give you a little more information on size, weight, price, etc…but your blanket will be one of a kind, designed by you, and handmade with love by me!

 Just go to my contact page from the menu above and we can chat about what you’d like to design

… stay cozy!


The Cozy Tiger

After much anticipation, I finally found the colors needed for a Clemson Cozy! This cozy double knit stitched blanket is 80″L including fringe and 50″ wide, and is tiger through and through!

Priced at $160 {sold}

Violet’s Blueberry Cozy

This cozy is one of my favs! It’s soooo soft with the baby soft yarn and fringe, and the blue’s are very soothing. It measures 5’W x 7.5’L and made with a loose double knit stitch so it’s not as heavy as some with this stitch and it’s extra fluffy! Priced at $310 {still for sale}

The Grey Goose Cozy

The neutral color theme of this cozy makes it verstile to look great in any room! It’s 5’W x 6.5’L and made with a double knit stitch so it’s extra fluffy and no toes will poke through any holes! Priced at $195.00

The Rainbow Fish Cozy

This cozy is so beautiful with these rich, dark colors. It’s 5’W x 6’L (7’L with fringe). It’s made with a double knit stitch so it’s nice and fluffy! Priced at $195.00

The Knotical Cozy

This cozy is made with a fun new yarn that’s multicolored and has a “knotty” look to it. I love the fresh blue and gray colors it highlights. This cozy is 5’W x 6.5’L including fringe. Priced at $185.00

Cottage Crib Cozy

This cozy is perfect for a baby girl’s crib and to snuggle as she grows. It measures 3.5’W x 5’L and is made with a double knit stitch so it’s fluffy and cozy! Priced at $180

Little Boy Blue Cozy

This cozy is perfect for any little boy to cuddle up with! It’s 3’W x 5’L and is great as a crib comforter also. It’s made with a double knit stitch so it’s extra fluffy…big enough for mom to snuggle with too! Priced at $125 {sold}

Queen of Purple Hearts Cozy

This cozy is 5’W x 7.5’L and knitted with a double knit stitch so it’s nice and fluffy! The  fringe really makes it with the velvet yarn and the sparkle yarn mixed together. The sage is a new color for Yarn Bee and I love it! Priced at $295.00 {sold}

 You Are My Sunshine Cozy

This cozy is 32″W x 42″L and made with a loose double knit stitch alternating a soft yellow and white chunky and fluffy yarn. The mint green polka-dot fringe is fun and gives this cozy a “cotton candy” vibe is perfect for a sweet little one…boy or girl! Priced at $98.

Head to Tarheel Cozy

This Cozy is perfect for the Tarheel fan to snuggle up to watch a game! It’s 7.5’L x 4’W (8’L if you count the fringe) and made with a loose double knit stitch so it’s fluffy but with no holes for toes to poke through! It’s perfect for one to stretch out on the sofa or for two…one on each end of the sofa. Priced at $285.00

The Teal Deal Cozy

Just like the one above, this cozy is 5’W x 7.5’L and made with a loose double knit stitch so it’s also really fluffy! And the fringe at the ends is so soft and so much fun! For a little more uniqueness, this cozy has a faint hourglass shape…just to be different! Priced at $295 

Luna’s Cozy

This sweet pink and gray cozy is 36″W x 60″L ~the perfect size for a crib, but don’t think you won’t find a mom cuddled under this cozy either! It’s made with a loose double knit stitch so its soft and fluffy, and there are no holes for toes to stick through! So soft anyone’s sure to love it! Priced at $115.00 {sold}

Ariel’s Deep Blue Sea Cozy

This cozy is the perfect size for one. It’s 3.5’W x 5’L and is super soft! Made with a double knit stitch, no holes for toes to stick through! Priced at $90 {sold}

The Candy-Striped Cozy 

This cozy is 6’W x 8’L made with a basic knit stitch. The bright blue yarn and “candy-striped” yarn used for the fringe and to accent throughout make this one especially fun to get cozy with! Priced at $350 {SOLD}

The Blue Bear Cozy

This cozy measures 5’W x 8.5’L and is made with a basic knit stitch, but turned in the opposite direction for a little different effect(technically the fringe is on the sides). Priced at $250 {sold}


Harold’s Purple Crayon Cozy

This cozy measures 4’W x 6’L and is unique in that it combines many different knit stitches and the fringe is a multitextured yarn and is also woven through the knitting. It’s more of a “crazy cozy!” Priced at $165 {sold}

The Rabbit’s Velveteen Cozy

This rich colored cozy measures 6’W x 8’L and is especially cozy because I used a double knit stitch. This makes it very dense and heavy, leaving no holes for any toes to stick through! Priced at $300 {sold}


The Goldilocks Cozy

This is a square cozy measuring 5’W x 5’L made with a basic knit stitch. The fringe, which is multitextured and contains gold is also woven throughout the cozy which gives it a golden “glow.” Priced at $150 {sold}


The Fluffy Cozy

This cozy is the only one I’ve made using the arm knitting method and measures 6’W x 7.5’L. This method creates a very large knit stitch, so I weaved a basic knit stitch back and forth on both sides to thicken it. With the unique design and the multitextured fringe it’s a very fun, fluffy cozy! Priced at $275 {sold}


The Brave Little Man Cozy

This cozy was inspired by a nursery for a baby boy, measures 5’W x 7’L ,and is made with an alternating knit stitch for a basketweave look. Great for mom, dad, and baby to snuggle all together! Priced at $210 {sold}

Sugar & Spice Cozy

This baby girl cozy was made with Henry’s cozy “just in case!” So another baby girl gets to be cozy with this one. It measures 3.5’W x 4’L made with a basic knit stitch and is adorned with a sparkly fringe for a little extra sugar & spice! Priced at $110 {sold}                                                                                                         


Henry’s Cozy

The one that inspired them all…My little Henry’s cozy is 3.5’W x 4’L and made with a basic knit stitich. The bright blue and fun colors on the fringe is perfect to keep Henry cozy! Priced at $110 {sold}


Couch Cozy for Two

The couch cozy for two was a birthday present for a really tall guy and made extra long so two can snuggle under it on a sectional! It measures 7’W x 10’L and is made with a basic knit stitch…lots of them! Priced at $300 {sold}


The Bohemian Cozy

Inspired by my youngest while doing a boho room makeover. It measures 5’W x 6’L and made with a basic knit stitch. The deep teal, yellow and orange in the fringe and woven throughout makes it really pop in her new room. She loves to snuggle in her new cozy room! Priced at $180 {sold}


The Farmhouse Cozy

Okay so maybe Joanna had a little influence on this neutral colored cozy with a little extra glam on the fringe. Measuring at 6.5’W x 9’L, it’s made with a double knit stitch so, it’s solid and weighs 15 lbs! So you’ve got a custom density blanket large enough to stretch over your king-sized bed!  Priced at $350 {sold}


The Snow White Cozy

This cozy measures 4.5’W x 6’L made with a basic knit stitch. Perfect as a throw for one and for a dorm room. The fringe is a soft as the thick blanket yarn so it’s extra cozy! Priced at $140 {sold}

Her Royal Coziness

The plush purple yarn inspired this cozy, and when I saw the fringe it all came together. It’s  a cozy that looks royal, so naturally it’s for a king-sized bed! It measures 7’W x 11 ‘L and the stitch is a double knit making this blanket weigh 20lbs~a custom density blanket! Priced at $600 {sold}


The Christmas Cozy

This Christmas cozy measures 5’W x 6’L and is made with the basic knit stitch. Wouldn’t it be great to snuggle under this cozy by the Christmas tree watching a crackling fire? Priced at $180 {sold}

Tummy-Time Play Cozy

This cozy, inspired by my little Henry (referred to as peanut before he was born), is a tummy time floor cozy, approx 3′ square. It’s a linen stitich tightly knit with 5 strands of yarn together so it’s nice and soft and no fingers or toes can get caught in any holes. I then adorned it with lots of textures and baby toys. Without the ribbon and toys it’s priced at $70. {sold}